About YouHalal.com Team

We are a team of entrepreneurs with experience in different industries. However our roots lie in Islam and this has lead us to creating YouHalal.com - A future global gateway for Muslims seeking information, looking to book their Hajj with trusted service providers and more.

Our main-founders have immense interest in technology and are the creators of a leading technology business in London. Other founders have experience in various industries from food to sport and we will put all our resources together to create a safe platform for Muslims everywhere.

Update 1: We’ve recently acquired the talented duo of Faizan Ahmed (Marketing Manager) & Lena Wasman (Corporate Manager for Women’s Affairs). Both are exceptional human beings.

We are very optimistic on their future at YouHalal.com.

Update 2: We have to mention “Millz” who is our “Design Evangelist” - He’s an avid cook and can do amazing things with very little ingredients. And “Ronaldo” & Juventus can take a lot of his time.

Update 3: Our CTO Daniel is very keen on charitable causes but also is focused on his task. The kindest heart in South London.

Update 4: We’ve been busy building our team and product. Among the team are people like Adnan, Ehsan, Naeem, Nash & Abdul Munim. All bring unique insights to the project.

Update 5: We have moved into our London office in Docklands Business Centre.

Last update: 11/11/19 - 1429 GMT