About YouHalal.com Team

We are a team of young entrepreneurs with varied experiences in different industries. However our roots lie in Islam and this has lead us to creating YouHalal.com - A future global gateway for Muslims seeking information, looking to book their Hajj with trusted service providers, buying food & drinks & more.

Our main-founders (AR/SB) have immense expertise in technology and social-media & are the creators of a leading social media news brand in London. Other founders have experience in various industries from food to sport and we will put all our resources together to create a safe platform for Muslims everywhere.

*Update 1: We’ve recently acquired the talented duo of Faizan Ahmed (Marketing Director) & Lena Wasman (Corporate Director for Women’s Affairs). Both are exceptional human beings (*Although Lena can be herself somedays!) and are massively creative.

We are very optimistic on their future at YouHalal.com.

**Update 2: We have to mention “Millz” who is our “Design Evangelist” at YouHalal.com - he’s an avid cook and can do amazing things with very little ingredients. And “Ronaldo” & Juventus can take a lot of his time.

Update 3: Our CTO Mr. D White is very keen on charitable causes but also is focused on his task. The kindest heart in South London.

Update 4: We’ve been busy building our team and product. Among the team are people like Adnan, Ehsan, Naeem, Nash, Abdul Munim, Ms. Ganguly. All bring an unique insight to the project and diverse views. A special mention goes to James who brings his experience of working with incubators and startups.

Last update: 13/03/19 - 1826 GMT