Jakarta Halal Things: Halal Lifestyle Event

Jakarta Halal Things is scheduled to be held Dec. 7-8 in Senayan City shopping mall, Jakarta, Indonesia. Jakarta Halal Things co-chairman Desy Bachir said she hoped that everyone could experience the halal way of living. Temi Sumarlin, the event’s founder and CEO of Scarf Media, an online magazine covering modest fashion and halal lifestyles, said most Muslims have practiced halal lifestyles from a young age. However, more people began to appreciate halal lifestyles starting in 2010 with the rise of social media.

“People were exposed to [halal-related] information and there were movements in the Muslim communities,” she explained.

She said that many still doubted the opportunity of halal industry.

In halal tourism, for example, Temi mentioned the lack of sharia hotels.

“The number of sharia hotels is still small, but there’s a big opportunity,” she said, adding that travelers from the Middle East were among those most attracted by sharia hotels.

Temi mentioned that visitors showed great interest in halal lifestyle tourism, particularly halal travel packages to South Korea, Japan and Europe last year.

In addition to popular destinations, last year’s visitors, who were mostly women aged between 20 and 40, were also interested in countries with a history of Islam.

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