Halal Food App Challenges Deliveroo

When three international students came to the UK, starting a company wasn’t on their agenda. This all changed when they couldn’t order halal food to fuel their late night study sessions.

Their inability to find halal friendly food easily led them to launch Halalivery, an on-demand halal food delivery startup.

“While there are a plethora of food delivery apps, there was nothing for those who wanted halal friendly food,” says Abu-Ishira, the company’s CEO.

The former Nottingham University students capitalised on their contacts in Nottingham, launched the startup in February 2018, mainly targeting the city’s students.

“Out of 70,000 students in total, there are at least 30,000 who are Muslim where 20,000 are international and inevitably getting halal meat is a concern,” Abu-Ishira adds.

Via Elite Business Magazine - http://elitebusinessmagazine.co.uk/interviews/item/halalivery-is-the-halal-food-delivery-app-challenging-the-likes-of-deliveroo

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