Halal Dining Club Plans To Become An Unicorn

After successfully raising £200,000 ($255,000) on the crowdfunding site CrowdCube in 2016, Siddika Jaffer launched Halal Dining Club, a global restaurant information and booking service. Today the site has 90,000 registered users and over 4,000 listed restaurants across 9 global cities.

Jaffer, who makes her revenues by charging restaurants for each booking, says not all her clients are Muslim.

“A lot of corporates come to us because they want to know where they can confidently entertain clients from Indonesia, Malaysia and the Middle East. So we're open to anyone.”

Currently Halal Dining Club is targeting the higher end restaurant demographic. “In the UK, there is still a large number of Muslim households that have an income of less than £30,000 annually, but we don’t cover lower end restaurants or takeaways,” Jaffer says.

“The overall opportunity is immense,” she says, “but it’s been challenging to find VC investors in the UK who understand our vision. Halal is a niche market, but it’s a global niche market so the numbers add up to billions of dollars if you consider countries like India, Pakistan and the Middle East.”

Via Arabian Business: https://www.arabianbusiness.com/travel-hospitality/409346-halal-dining-club-aims-to-become-billion-dollar-restaurant-app-for-muslims

Download the Halal Dining Club App from: HalalDiningClub.com

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